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The Cephalopod Series

Flapjack Octopus Orange


The flapjack octopus is your new favorite sea creature. Flapjacks live on the ocean floor where they presumably meander around like my robot vacuum, looking for something edible among the sand. If you start looking for photos of a flapjack octopus, you’ll realize that not everything at the bottom of the ocean is scary or ugly, and you’ll lose an hour of your time because you’ll keep looking for more pictures of them. The flapjack octopus is definitely not the kracken, probably not very good to eat with maple syrup for breakfast, but absolutely a must have color for your fountain pen. Get a bottle of bright Flapjack Orange Octopus and every time you write, you’ll be reminded of the cutest little mollusk in the sea.

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COFLOR both.jpg
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flapjack octopus