Ink Wetter

Each fountain pen writes a little bit different, and we each have our preferences on how our pens should write and feel. Some people prefer a ‘wet’ pen that puts a lot of ink down on the paper and some people prefer a fine and controlled drier pen. Fountain pens rely on capillary action to get the ink to flow, so modern inks are made with chemicals to make sure that they flow well. If you have a preference for a slippery wet ink or for a dry controlled ink, you’ll be happy to know we offer a new product called ‘Ink Wetter’ that you can safely add to any ink to make it flow faster. Just add a few drops at a time until the ink flows exactly how you want it too. Don’t add too much at first because you can’t ever take it back out.

Choosing a great color is only the start. Getting an ink that works well in your favorite pen is easy with Anderillium inks.