At Anderillium, we believe that fountain pens should be accessible by everyone, but we also understand how a fine pen can be a cherished heirloom or an exemplar of craftsmanship. For the most part, we’re an ink company, we don’t make pens. We offer some affordable pens so that customers don’t have to shop at multiple stores. Some affordable pens share design features of premium pens, and that’s ok, but if you have an expectation of buying a certain brand, please verify with our product listings that the brand you’re buying is the one you want. All of our ‘Afforadable’ pens are manufactured in China, but are quality writing instruments. If you receive a pen and it isn’t what you expected, please contact us directly and we’ll work to make you a satisfied customer.

We’re currently working with several premium pen manufacturers and distributors to develop supply relationships. As pens become available, we will list them here.